More than 50 years of experience in power transmission, more than 40 premises throughout the world, that is KTR. As a leading supplier of couplings, clamping sets, torque limiters, torque measuring systems, hydraulic components and brake systems we are the right partner for all those who want to set things in motion. Based on the know-how gained from thousands of applications in many industries they will find the most suitable, low-cost solutions for new special applications. That is the reason why they are the driving force in the power transmission industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Are KTR Couplings explosion-proof?
KTR Couplings are explosion-proof. The ROTEX series are suitable for power transmission in hazardous areas. These couplings are certified and conform to EC standard 94/9/EC (ATEX 95).

What type of jaw couplings does KTR offer?
KTR offers two varieties of jaw couplings. The Basic jaw coupling is the ROTEX series, and the high performance jaw coupling is the ROTEX GS sries.

Does KTR offer a jaw coupling for high heat environments?
Yes, KTR offers a coupling for high heat environments. The spider will be the part that will limit the resistance to high heat. Depending on the spider, ROTEX couplings have a maximum heat range from 302F to 482f. ROTEX GS have a maximum heat range from 150F to 302F

Does KTR offer any zero-backlash couplings?
Yes, KTR offers three types of zero-backlash couplings. ROTEX GS, TOOLFLEX, and RADEX-NC are all zero-backlash.

Are couplings available in metric and standard sizes?
KTR couplings are available in metric and standard sizes. Aside from common sizes, they can be customized with many available options.

What color spider do you provide the customer if they request a red spider?
We provide them with a purple spider. Different color but same torional rigidity. KTR has changed the coloring system. All technical specifications are the same just a different color.

What are the questions we ask customers who are looking for a MINEX-S and do not have a part number?
According to manufacturing (KTR), The only question needed is to ask what is the length of the Containment shroud.

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