As one of the worlds leading manufacturers of non-contacting sensor technology elobau has representatives in more than 28 locations around the globe. These days our customers in industry and vehicle manufacturing profit from our flexibility in development and our reliability in production. Flexibility, customer-orientation, quality, promptness and service will continue to shape the way we think and act in the future too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Elobau Manufacture ?
elobau is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of non-contact sensor technology. In addition to a broad and continually expanding array of standard products, elobau offers customized solutions for various applications in industrial and automotive engineering.

Do Elobau Safety Sensors resist dust?
Due to the hygienic housing systems, Elobau safety sensors are dust resistant and can be used directly on a machine.

Are Elobau push buttons hygienic?
The hygienic design of the Emergency-Stop button up to protection class IP69K is available especially for the food industry.

What is the purpose of an Elobau Speed-Monitor?
The motion detector is used for monitoring motion to ensure safe setup operation. Its function also allows safe access to the machine room after the machine has been idle.

Does Elobau offer control units for their safety sensors?
Yes. There are several lines for the control of various sensors. Units can control up to 32 sensors.

What temperature ranges can Elobau safety sensors operate at?
Elobau's series of machine safety sensors can operate at a temperature range of -25 deg Celsius up to 75 deg Celsius, with some models reaching up to 100 deg Celsius

What are Elobau
Elobau offers a line of locking devices which are designed to stop the process of your machine by locking in the event of an emergency. Interlocks, actuators, and bolts for guard locking are available.

Where is Elobau located?
While Elobau was founded in Germany, they have U.S. Representation located in Waukegan, Illinois.

How are Elobau sensors capable of reducing interference?
Elobau sensors are magnetically actuated, reducing the risk of manipulation as well as enabling high switching distances and offset values.

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