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Motion Marketplace is an online distributor of motion control products, dedicated to providing the highest quality products in the industry at prices that are affordable. We offer a multitude of different suppliers and product lines that can be shopped easily and extensively through our site. Motion Marketplace is run by a top-notch delivery team, trained to deliver your products expeditiously and properly. Constantly growing and adding on new product lines, be sure to check back to see what Motion Marketplace has to offer as your source for everything motion control!

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Stepper Motors General Safety Considerations
The following safety considerations are MUST be observed during all stages of operation, service and repair. Failure to abide by these safety precautions violates safety standards of design, production, and designated use of Stepper Motors, drivers and controllers. Motion Marketplace assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the customer's inability to comply with these constraints. Even high-quality products, when operated or installed incorrectly, can be hazardous. Safety measures are required to be observed by the user with regard to the load and operating environment. The customer is solely liable for proper selection, installation and operation of the products purchased from our company.

• Use caution when handling, during trials, and adjusting during installation, set-up and operation.
• Service MUST NEVER be performed while power is applied.
• Be sure the motor/driver has plenty of heat dissipation and air flow
• Exposed circuitry should be properly protected or enclosed to limit unauthorized human contact with live circuitry.
• All products should be solidly mounted and effectively grounded.
• Hazardous elements such as flammable gases, vapors, liquids or dust should not interact with motors while they are in operation.

NOTE: Please Use a RMA Form should you need to return a product for REPAIR. This form can be found in Support, Forms, RMA Request on this web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the average weight of a right angle gearbox?
Motion Marketplace offers a variety of sizes for right angle gearboxes. Our gearboxes weigh between 1.12 - 35.3 lbs, depending on the size.

Do right angle gearboxes have low backlash?
Yes. Motion Marketplace offers a line of right angle gearboxes with backlash as low as 15 arc-min maximum.

Does Motion Marketplace offer Metric Ball Screws?
Yes. Motion Marketplace offers lines of both Metric Ball Screws and Imperial Ball Screws.

What kind of Machine Safety products does Motion Marketplace offer?
Motion Marketplace offers several lines of non-contact safety sensors, emergency-stop buttons, stand still monitors, as well as interfaces for input and output extension.

Do right angle gear reducers have low backlash?
Yes. Motion Marketplace offers a line of right angle gear reducers with backlash as low as 15 arc-min maximum.

What type of stearns replacement parts does Motion Marketplace carry?
We carry stearns brake replacement parts such as: Solenoid Kits, Coil Kits, Friction Discs, and Hub Assemblies.

Is Motion Marketplace one of rexnords distributors?
Yes we are an authorized distributor for stearns brakes and replacement parts.

What type of brakes are sold at Motion Marketplace?
We sell both Armature and Solenoid Actuated Brakes.

What are the type of gearboxes that are sold at Motion Marketplace?
Inline Planetary Gearboxes: Inline Standard Precision, Inline High Precision,Flange, Right Angle, and Rack & Pinion Gearboxes.

What are the two brands of Miniature Rails and Blocks does Motion Marketplace distribute?
The two brands are NB and CheifTek.

Does Motion Marketplace have any promotions?
Yes. We have a promotion that is if you like & rate us on Facebook, you will receive a $10 gift card to Amazon or Starbucks on your next order.

Do Keyed Shaft Couplings Come Standard ?
Keyed Shaft Couplings are standard in metric and or inch sizes available. All keyed shaft couplings come standard with one setscrew. For a non standard keyway please contact Motion Marketplace.

Can I purchase a custom Bore and Keyway size ?
KTR will machine custom Bore and Keyway sizes for a variety of different coupling applications. Contact Motion Marketplace to discuss the details of your bore and keyway needs.

Can Radex Steel Disc Coupling be Balanced ?
Radex Disc coupling can be balanced upon request. For most applications this is not necessary because the coupling is precision machined to AGMA or ISO standards. Please contact Motion Marketplace for further questions.

What Type of Installation are the Disc Couplings Designed for ?
The Radex Disc Couplings are designed for horizontal installation. For Vertical installation the spacer must be radially supported. Please contact Motion Marketplace for further technical information in regards to this matter.

When Choosing a #KEYWORD#
When choosing a #KEYWORD# we want you to select Motion Marketplace, where our website is as customer friendly as we are. As your #KEYWORD# we offer easy navigation, low costs and a simple ordering system to ensure you have an optimum customer experience.

Can Motion Marketplace out source a part if I can't find it on the website?
Yes, Motion Marketplace can out source a part or parts for your application.

Can Motion Marketplace supply any V-belts not listed on the website?
Of course! A simply request to any of our sales representatives can yield a variety of options for all your v-belts needs.

Are there any drop shipment fees for Anaheim Automation Distributed products?
Motion Marketplace does not charge any other fees for drop shipments on Anaheim Automation distributed products other than shipping charges.

Is Motion Marketplace a stocking distributor for products from Autonics?
Motion Marketplace is an authorized stocking distributor with a cost savings to the customer up to 30% off list prices.

Is Motion Marketplace a stocking distributor for products from KTR Corporation?
Motion Marketplace is an authorized stocking distributor with a cost savings to the customer up to 30% off list prices on all KTR Couplings and components.

Does Motion Marketplace offer any kind of motor controls?
Motion Marketplace offers numerous variations of motor controls such as 5 Phase Stepping Drivers, Stepping Motor Controls, Brushless Controllers, Hitachi VFDs, Stepper Controller and Indexers, Stepper Motor Drivers with and without Controllers.

Does Motion Marketplace carry nuts for ball screws?
No. All our ball screws come preloaded with their nuts attached.

Does Motion Marketplace carry 56C Frame Motors ?
Motion Marketplace carries Leeson 56C Frame AC Motors in a single and three phase option for general purpose compressor duty AC motors.

Can you order custom 56C frame motors?
Custom options are available for 56C Frame motors, however most customizations will have lengthly lead-times for 56C frame motors, especially if components needed are made overseas. Contact Motion Marketplace for further cusotomizations for your 56c Frame motor requests.

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